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  2. @billprady , (co-creator of Big Bang Theory) posted 7/30/2023, "The brave people at @Moms4Liberty including @4TiffanyJustice have blocked me. Think it was because I found this and shared it? Let's see if we can get 100 people to share it with them." PS:
  3. Republican Jesus loves Greg Abbott.
  4. Nah, a small minority in FL are upset. The GOPs vast majority, by over 60%, pushed through some serious voter suppression bills, punishing immigration bills, restrictive LGBTQ bills, extreme abortion banning bills, denied Medicaid and Medicare to millions by rejecting funding, re
  5. International Yoga Day at the Magic Kingdom
  6. By: Stephanie van den Berg and Toby Sterling THE HAGUE (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin must be brought to justice for his war in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday in The Hague, calling for a new international tribunal for the "crime of
  7. High School Student Wins Sciences Fair – Proves A Forgotten Native American Recipe Kills Cancer Cells in Just 24 Hours
  8. #CatsOfPost
  9. By: Mike Freeman, USA TODAY House Republicans in Tennessee on Thursday attempted to kick out three Democratic lawmakers for breaking House rules after protesting on the floor of the chamber for gun reform. They were successful in expelling two of them: Justin Jones and Justin Pear
  10. #news #Politics #USnews #uspolitics #uspol #Republicans #GOP #GQP #Schools #Education #Hunger #ChildHunger #hungry #GOPHypocrisy #hypocrisy
  11. Yes!!
  12. Vote like our lives depend on it #EndGunViolence #BanAssaultWeapons
  13. Sad we have to say this but here we are, again
  14. Have a good night 💝

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