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  1. One can certainly argue that the select committee is duplicative and hypocritical, considering the widespread opposition among Republicans to measures seeking to combat the threat from China. But if D
  2. Do me a favor and let people know I’m giving this site a try. I suppose you can “Repost” this? Is that the right term?
  3. Local news has withered in many parts of the country. An investigation by NPR and @FloodlightNews reveals that in Alabama and Florida, newly created media outlets with ties to power companies are fill
  4. This guy made up that he worked at two major financial firms and what college he went to. Straight up lied about it. This should have been easy to figure out, but New York does not have a functioning
  5. I just got suspended from Twitter! Here’s a summary of my last month’s reporting on Elon Musk and Twitter.
  6. This is a real problem. The Saudi bought the biggest oil refineries, and now the Chinese are buying up our crop lands that aren’t ravaged by drought. And despite their railing against China, the GOP
  7. TPM obtains new trove of Mark Meadows texts which provide the first definitive, real-time record of the plot to overturn the 2020 election. 2319 texts, most made public here for the first time.

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