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  1. Suburban sprawl takes up a tremendous amount of land around cities, demolishing truly natural spaces. This means people who live in cities need to travel much further to visit a truly natural place.
  2. Walking is inherently good, and your community should make it easy and safe to walk.
  3. We need more transit oriented development. That means building apartments and commercial space right next to metro stations.
  4. A street without cars is a street that is safe for children to play in.
  5. There are many fully pedestrianized streets in European cities, but few in America. There is no reason we can't have this in the U.S. too.
  6. Since work from home has reduced the demand for offices, city downtowns need to transform into mixed use residential/commercial districts.
  7. The best way to experience a city is to walk. If your feet are slightly sore at the end of day, you are probably doing it right.
  8. You're not a true capitalist until you fully appreciate the magic and wonder of your local supermarket.
  9. Whenever I visit a neighborhood that has no sidewalks I can't believe it. It's like the planners of the neighborhood literally do not want people to walk.
  10. To be blunt: it is simply ridiculous that in most places, being a driver is required to be a functional adult.
  11. The ability to walk a few minutes from your home to pick up a quite bite, or pick up some groceries, or something from the drug store should be accessible to more Americans.
  12. Everyone should have the option to live in a place where they can walk a few minutes to get basic necessities. And not have to drive.
  13. Walkable cities are for everyone. That's because walkable cities don't require the ability to drive, which many people cannot or don't want to do.
  14. Definition feature of a real city? People walking around. We should call this PWA for short.
  15. Times square should be completely closed to cars. It would be the best pedestrian plaza in the U.S.
  16. The holiday markets are in NYC are all extremely popular and busy. They need to be made a lot larger by closing down streets to cars.
  17. One reason people love Disneyworld is that it is walkable and there are no cars. It's an essential part of the experience, even if many people don't explicitly say it.
  18. NYC Subway hit 81.6% of pre-pandemic ridership on Saturday.
  19. The MTA is going to install more bus mounted cameras to ticket cars intruding on bus lanes. This is essential to good bus service.
  20. Here is a good succinct definition of a city from Matthew Yglesias: "These are real cities with centrally-focused destinations and transit and cabs and people walking around."

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