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Oceanside, California

Surfing is my art form. Believer in democracy. Sorry, you'll see a lot of sunsets in my feed.

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  1. Done!
  2. Oceanside, from Goat Hill. SpaceX?
  3. Brave souls at the N Jetty - they paddled out at a dead calm - minutes later, Hilary. (Sorry, left in drafts!)
  4. Post needs more Antifa
  5. Bird Rock, La Jolla - a brief reprieve from the much needed rain
  6. Letters from an American by Heather Cox Richardson not only saved my sanity all through the Trump years, but remains one of my favorite daily reads. She is incredibly articulate in her breaking dow
  7. Been on a social media hiatus for a few days and am now gladly going through the Post feed following newbies and bird fleers. Bring on the fresh faces and those giving QElon the bird….
  8. Katie Porter is not my congressperson, I'm next-door in CA49 with the fabulous Mike Levin but I wanted to share the email that I just received from Ms. Porter's office. She is such a superstar on so
  9. I recently met someone who said he’s never seen the sun set into the ocean - that it was on his bucket list. I thought about this as the sun set behind us last night
  10. Def worth a read and a follow..
  11. Tonight’s sky - Point Loma

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