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  1.  Have black children been hurling slurs at you from the bleaches Have black teachers been calling you a derisory word to your face? Have students shown up with white face? Has your neighbor called the cops on your 8-year-old? Have they called them when you simply jogged by? How about
  2. Howard Stern thinks Jon Stewart would win the Presidency in a slam dunk if he ran. 1) agreed, and 2) oh please take this as a sign, Jon.
  3. Spot on.
  4. There are good people on BOTH sides!
  5. And here's a juicy piece of poetic irony about Lake's claims that her voters were disenfranchised. The Democracy Docket website run by Marc Elias, a leading voting rights lawyer, has pointed out that
  6. Well this terrifying. And chillingly familiar.
  7. Folks, the new guy is posting QAnon stuff over on the bird site. We've reached endgame.
  8. Your moment of Zen....say it with me....Ommmmm.
  9. #UniqueArt 😱 #Art 😀
  10. #politics

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