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Writer & Editor. I finished writing one novel. Still planning to finish a second. Right now I'm working on a , which I'd love to tell you about, but I'm not going to. .

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  1. This argument makes a strong case against the "profound autism" label. "Weaponized heterogeneity only harms the most vulnerable autistic people." #autism #autistic #AutismAcceptance #autismlabels
  2. I like seeing when people are typing replies to my posts. That's a nice touch.
  3. √Čric Freyssinet is the digital minister of France. What's not to love?
  4. A New Kind of Bird Migration

    Things may change and no circumstance is absolute, but I have largely parlayed my #Twitter experience onto three different social media platforms: - for news and political commentary Mastodon
  5. This site is glitching a bit right now. Probably understandable as Elon Snowflake's purge alienates more former Twitterers.
  6. Donie O'Sullivan was just banned from Twitter. This is clearly part of a mass clearance of all journalists from the site. Who funded the Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter? Or was he a far-right extremist
  7. As an editor, the thought of being inundated with AI Writers' output is something of a nightmare. Sloppy authentic writing is easy enough to edit, if it has even a small amount of potential. Something
  8. When Elon Musk first said he was buying Twitter, and others I followed there expressed concerns about it, I was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong.
  9. Having done some research with #OpenAI's #Chatbot, I have come to believe that this kind of technology may be responsible for a significant portion of the trashy articles thrown up into in my newsfeed
  10. I am not very fond of the practice of beginning posts with the phrase "unpopular opinion." It recalls, ever so slightly, that irritating practice from the long ago past on Facebook, where people would
  11. Twitter has become the Internet Explorer of social media. Just as we only use Internet Explorer to download Chrome, we only go on Twitter to find out where our friends have gone.

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