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Journalist (Entrepreneur, SEScoops). Historian. YouTuber (Mr Droste History). Podcaster (Top Rope Nation). Millennials work a lot, ya know?

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  1. Pretty wild to be teaching about the Civil Rights movement and to then see this situation in Tennessee unfold in real time. Utterly disgusting behavior out of the GOP that will age terribly in the history books. #tennessee
  2. If you enjoy U.S. History, check out the latest video on my YouTube channel - 10 U.S. presidents who escaped assassination.
  3. You might think you're cool. But you'll never be Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons in 1975 cool. Nobody will. #springsteen
  4. It’s windy and snowing outside. The holidays are almost here. And Elon Musk is still a tool. Feels like a good night for one of these.
  5. Still looking for a place to replace that other cesspool. Especially in light of current events. Is this going to be the one?

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