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Setting Type, Throwing Paint, and Pushing Pixels.

Painter / Illustrator / Designer / Photographer / Videographer

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  1. The only explanation for Musk’s bad decision-making and giant losses . . is that he’s trapped in the plot from Brewster’s Millions. He has to blow the emerald mine inheritance to actually inherit the diamond mine.
  2. Believer: Your behavior isn’t in accordance with the holy book I believe in. Non-believer: Bro, lighten up. There’s a talking snake on page-1 of that book.
  3. Free path to wealth. Sell any normal product, but market it as a “tactical” whatever, and target dudes who have a Punisher skull in their profile picture.
  4. When do we get to fire Louis DeJoy?
  5. There’s some really good robots out there that want to work.
  6. Facebook is giving out “top fan badges” like they’re AOL handing out free CDs in 1998.
  7. Work-in-progress next step: vectorize the pencil drawing
  8. C U Next Tuesday
  9. One of my new illustrations is available as a T-shirt/sticker combo at Blind Melon’s official merch shop. #blindmelon
  10. Sunrise in Ottawa County, Kansas #sunrise #kansas #ottawacounty
  11. new poster design - The Wood Brothers at The Stiefel Theatre 04/17/2023 Salina, Kansas thewoodbros @stiefeltheatre #kansas #salina #salinaksnsas #stiefeltheatre #octopus #pennyfarthing #poster #posterdesign #illustration #illustratedposter #eventposter #concertposter #illustrati
  12. Christopher Lloyd has been using the time-machine this whole time. I’m pretty sure he was 100 years old in 1985. How is he still kickin’ it at every single Back to the Future reunion?
  13. Twitter is auctioning off office supplies, but the only artifact from their offices that I'm interested in is that fn sink.
  14. That feeling you get when the opposing party becomes so obstructionist that they obstruct themselves. Way to own the libs.
  15. Elon drove Twitter into the ditch. Trump's taxes are going to go public. Zelensky to address Congress. Putin's war is a failure and reveals his weakness. Even though the nation is still in bad shape,
  16. Read past the headline >>> "After that, I will just run the software & servers teams," Musk said. In other words, probably not safe to say on twitter, regardless of what happens.
  17. The people who were (and continue to be) duped by the most obvious con man ever . . . are not ready for how badly AI is going to fool them and take their money.
  18. Work in progress #sketchbook #illustration #PostArt #originalartwork #workinprogress #drawing #misnomer
  19. Due to security reasons, Santa will not be tracked on the other site this year.

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