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Mom. Spouse. Nona. Introvert. Social justice warrior.

"Go ahead, underestimate me. It'll be fun." According to my son, "a little nest of vipers."

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  1. #PostPhotos #skyappreciation
  2. Yup.
  3. #ImagineThat
  4. Halfway through my fifth #Whole30 and feeling fabulous! Fighting that sugar demon is tough, but a homemade cinnamon latte helps😉 #nopillsnopatchesnopotions #justeatrealfood
  5. Still true, 3 years later I agree with every word. THIS IS FROM A BLOG POST BY MICHAEL de GROOT 4/20/2020***** Perfect. Someone asked “Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?” Nate White, an
  6. Time to reset!

    Doing my fifth #Whole30, to reset the gut and get my overall health back on track for 2023. Perfect weather here for cooking up a storm! #NoPillsNoPatchesNoPotions #justeatrealfood
  7. 🌊Calling all Blue Friends🌊 Join us for #BlueConnections Follow Party. Connect with us daily by simply liking this post, reposting and following everyone who hit the like button! It's easy to find new
  8. It’s Schadenfriday, so I pretty much had to write about Andrew Tate. But to many who didn’t know much about him until recently, there’s quite a lot to unpack. We can all breathe a little easier knowin
  9. This could not be explained more clearly. And those who most need to understand it, will never read it. However, I'm so grateful for experts like @tribelegal who take great p
  10. #truth
  11. We know who saved the day in GA...

    Georgia run-off was way to close to celebrate for very long. We have so much work to do. Thanks to Stacy Abrams (New Georgia Project) and Kadida Kenner (New Pennsylvania Project) I have hope!
  12. Leaving this view today is difficult, but I'm grateful for the time I spent viewing it.
  13. Don't just do #smallbusinesssaturday. Try EVERY DAY is Small Local Farm Day. Change the way we think about food, for good.
  14. #truth
  15. Breathing in the good, clean air over here...

    Activist-granny here. So grateful to be in this space for sane conversation and information exchange. Looking forward to rediscovering the good people I enjoyed on Twitter...

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