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  1. Welp. My dream scenario has been crushed. I was certain that the Supreme Court would deny the application to stay the DC Circuit Court’s mandate affirming Judge Chutkan’s ruling that presidents aren’t, in fact, kings; a move that would have brought the DC trial back to life. That
  2. Really? Tucker sneaks into Russia hoping no one notices? You know, it would be real shame if this went viral and everyone could see what a fucking traitor @TuckerCarlson is
  3. What a jackass
  4. By Ariana Baio President Joe Biden unsurprisingly won the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday, taking a majority of the votes and delegates in the Democratic party’s first official trip to the ballot box of the 2024 election season . The Associated Press called the primary
  5. You all know I’m a big supporter of the Fourth Estate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t them out when they’re wrong. It’s incumbent upon all of us to defend the truth, and the way this election being covered so far is a farce. Last night, Biden won New Hampshire via write-in. He.
  6. Oh boy, another request for fictional materials to exonerate him. 🤦
  7. Amazing pictures!
  8. Let's be clear: A vote for No Labels is a vote for Trump. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump. A vote for Cornel West is a vote for Trump. A vote for Robert Kennedy is a vote for Trump. Not voting is a vote for Trump. A vote for Biden & Democrats is a vote for democracy.
  9. Thank you to Marc and team for standing up for those whose voices would not be heard if not for their continuing efforts!! What a national hero!!
  10. Excellent perspective!
  11. Safe until February
  12. 😆
  13. Absolutely 👍
  14. NEW: Trump threw a temper tantrum at his lawyer Todd Blanche upon learning of the March 2024 start date for his NYC hush-money trial, calling him a “little fucker” in a 30-minute tirade. “That’s in the middle of the primaries! If I lose the presidency, you’re going to be the reas
  15. The person who left for The Hague and the person who came back, are not the same person. Prosecuting war crimes changes you. The sheer weight of it. No one should have to experience it. Few can do it. It teaches you to be cold. Process the atrocities that have occurred, all the sen
  16. I rarely find a news article that scares the living shit out of me, but here we are. I would encourage everyone to read this beginning to end, and I'm including a gift link in this post. In the meantime, let's dig in to the more insane parts of this (hint: it's all of it. It's al
  17. DC: Trump files an emergency motion to block the gag order. Also files to stay all proceedings while his motion to dismiss based on mythical Presidential immunity is adjudicated. Undeterred, Judge Chutkan issues jury selection procedures. She sees him for what he is. The Justice
  18. Awesome 👏
  19. I want to see his ass jailed asap but…

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