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  1. This is who Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Green (and too many GOP members of Congress) are beholden too. They are literally undermining western democracy and siding with our enemies and succumbing to propaganda and kompromat with every deference to Russia or dig at Ukraine. Th
  2. Reposting--as always--to remember Oklahoma City and the scarred-over wound on the heart of the country. Interestingly, take a listen to the Long Shadow podcast which puts American right-wing domestic terrorism in perspective and draws a bright red line from Waco, to Ruby Ridge, to
  3. It's Time to Pass Aid for Ukraine--H.R. 815

    "This funding would ensure that critically needed U.S. weapons and equipment continue to flow to the battlefield as the Ukrainian people defend their sovereignty against Russian aggression, while continuing to strengthen and modernize our Defense Industrial Base here at home. We
  4. This should have been the case all along. Can we move on with prosecution of the actual criminals now? Daylight is burning.
  5. So states shall run their own elections any way they choose AND powers not defined explicitly for the federal government redound to the states BUT not like this? They can't disqualify an insurrectionist from federal holding office? Makes zero sense to me. Perhaps the Court or th
  6. Trump was able to execute a not-so-subtle takeover of the Republican party because they have slowly, over time lost their mooring and are totally devoid of any actual political platforms or policies that are grounded in reality. Ask them to point to specific Bible verses that rein
  7. Terrible news--rest in peace, Alexei. And sending thoughts of comfort to his family and supporters. For the rest of us, this is what the political opposition in Russia looks like: hounded, imprisoned, and ultimately dead and removed from the struggle for things like democracy, a
  8. I'm Ready to See Trump Face the Same Treatment

    Let's be clear: In order to bring the Trump cartel to justice, those on the side of justice need to be above reproach. DA Willis's relationship with a prosecutor working for her was inappropriate and he should have recused himself. Now, let's be equally clear: there appears to
  9. Trump bashing NATO and supporting Russia tells you all you need to know about how he's compromised and in no way fit to lead or be anywhere near elected office in the United States ever again. Can you imagine Roosevelt, Truman, Ike, or anyone from my grandfathers' generation who f
  10. The real question is: why is any federal agency still on X? At best there is no transparency or oversight--at worst it's an operational security and Presidential/Federal Records Act issue.
  11. Biden takes the fight for American democracy to Trump

    President Biden this afternoon correctly called out the enemy--Donald J. Trump and his MAGA cult--and laid bare the violent insurrection on our democracy on the eve of the January 6th anniversary. Buckle up folks--this election cycle is a fight to preserve the Republic--if we ca

    I am so very proud to see @libradunn run for congress in Maryland! We need so many more defenders of democracy just like him to continue to step to the line to defend our constitution. I'm proud to contribute to his campaign and hope you'll join me in ge
  13. Outstanding! Been waiting on this model to bear out. More states should swiftly follow suit (looking at you my beloved PA!) 💪🏼🇺🇸 EDIT: this passage is 🔥 “President Trump asks us to hold that Section Three disqualifies every oathbreaking insurrectionist except the most powerf
  14. The battle that Russia is trying to win is in the U.S. Congress and the minds of American voters--Putin would love nothing more than for us to consume our time/energy/money fighting among ourselves while he marches forward disrupting the west and annexing territory. I remain sho
  15. And so go all the spineless cowards in the GOP who just can't find the courage to stand up to Trump--they'd rather resign and end their careers in shame and disgrace than to challenge him. And while I'm glad to see feckless hacks like McCarthy go, this trend isn't going to curtail
  16. It's the same tactic they used to supplant a duly nominated Associate Justice to the Supreme Court with Merrick Garland. They are dishonest brokers who do not believe in a functional democracy --they only play by their rules, and only when they want to, in order to cling on to po
  17. Good riddance--he's an embarrassment to American politics. It is my fervent hope that folks like him and Trump--narcissistic individuals who sought to exploit politics and public service for publicity and individual financial gain--will end up in the same place: under investigat
  18. 15 Years Post President-elect Obama

    How do you distill 15 years of movement / inertia / emotion into a single post? Mainly I can say: my cup runneth over. Reuniting with my chosen Team Obama family in Chicago on this, the 15th anniversary of the election, was special and refreshing and a salve to weary political ci
  19. #VoterReg ! PA leading the way once again. The youth vote may very well reverse this tide of foolishness and mismanagement of government by elected officials who have no interest in public service.
  20. So Elon is not okay with Ukraine’s defense forces using Starlink to pilot their drones, but he’s okay with Hamas using Starlink to coordinate operations as Israel plans to invade? Got it. This is Exhibit A for why broadband connectivity should be classified as a public utility a

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