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Independent that leans Democrat. Cat Mom, Grandma, trying to stay positive. I like to take pictures of everything.

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  1. This is a great account I follow on a couple of platforms. They have the inside scoop.
  2. Wow! Our VP is fired up tonight!
  3. Sorry for posting a link but I had to share the video. Made me laugh.
  4. They lied under oath!
  5. Boycott Kellogg April - June 2024

    People on other social media sites are trying to organize a boycott of Kellogg products. They want to boycott for a fiscal quarter starting April 1, 2024. Kellogg is a parent company to many brands.
  6. I remember this when Dump was President.
  7. Thanks MoscowMitch!
  8. Once again F**k Mitch McConnell - and his disgraceful grab at SCOTUS! F**k this SCOTUS - for granting cert - among the many MANY other disgraceful rulings. To all the non-MAGA US Citizens - it is completely up to you! This election is literally do or die - do vote or watch democr
  9. As long as I live, I will never forgive Mitch McConnell for both causing irreparable damage to the Supreme Court of the United States, and not voting to convict Donald Trump.
  10. The Corrupt Supreme Court agreed to hear Trump’s Immunity case in April, delaying his trials. Of course they did. Why did it take this brain trust this long to even consider hearing the case? First and foremost, they are helping Trump in his delay to escape justice for his crimes
  11. When the Supreme Court wants to move fast, they're capable of doing so. In Trump's "Immunity" case, they're very obviously moving slowly. They're blatantly undermining Democracy and giving us their middle finger while doing so.
  12. On its surface, the idea that the 'Supreme' court has decided to hear Trump's 'immunity' case seems to demonstrate they lack even a basic understanding of the US Constitution. Think about it for a second longer, and its much worse. Its painfully obvious what we're witnessing is b
  13. Oh ferfucksake. Somebody nefarious must have convinced her knowing full well she doesn't have a chance. So now her job will be to harp on Biden's age until the election. Willing to bet it's GOP-linked (and/or Russia). Marianne Williamson is back in the race. The self-help author s
  14. Over 100,000 democrats in Michigan would rather have Trump in office because Joe Biden didn’t immediately stop the 2,000 year old blood feud between Jewish and Muslim zealots. F’ing morons.
  15. All for clicks and engagement…

    “This is a two-person race. So the better question isn’t how much support Biden might lose, but rather which candidate, in the face of loss of certain demographic support, faces the bigger challenge? The headlines tell us that it is Joe Biden, but the numbers tell us that it is D

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