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  1. He can't handle smart strong women

    Here's another one that puts Sleepy Don to bed without dinner Pelosi Meeting With Trump Becomes New Powerful Symbol Of Their Power Struggle | NBC Nightly News (
  2. By Dan Rather We at Steady always try to find hope in the news. We don’t sugarcoat things but look for solutions that can bring about better outcomes. Today’s story cannot be seen in a light other than a dire one. But it is incredibly important, for the people of Ukraine in the sh
  3. By Thom Hartmann Congressman Jim Jordan wanted revenge on behalf of Donald Trump against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for charging Trump with election interference in Manhattan. He threatened Bragg with “oversight”: dragging him before his committee, threatening him with contempt of Co
  4. By Greg Olear During the 2016 presidential campaign, astute readers may recall, close associates of Donald Trump held numerous clandestine meetings with close associates of Vladimir Putin. When the press would find out about one of these meetings—like, for example, the rendezvous
  5. By Adam Kinzinger Well, that was a little crazy. On the first day of his criminal trial, Donald Trump showed up wearing much more orange makeup than usual, quietly acknowledged the judge’s instructions, and actually fell asleep at the defense table. Mind you, he is the first curren
  6. Here's another good read on the subject Who got rich off the student debt crisis? - Reveal (
  7. An Appeal to Congress Please read, share, and act TIMOTHY SNYDER Apr 11
  8. MTG Views Putin's Invasion as a Holy War On April 8th, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene publicly declared that the Ukrainian government was “Attacking Christians ” and that the Russian government was defending Christianity. Marjorie, what planet are you on? Let’s look at the num
  9. Remember this WashingtonCNN — CIA Director Mike Pompeo did meet with the head of Russia’s foreign intelligence agency, an official barred from entering the US under 2014 sanctions, as well as the head of Russia’s internal security agency, according to a US official with direct kno
  10. By Martha McHardy A Wisconsin senate candidate, who has been endorsed by 77-year-old Donald Trump , has suggested that nursing home residents are too old to vote, new audio has revealed. Republican Eric Hovde, 60, recently appeared on the conservative Guy Benson Show , where he was a
  11. By Andrew Stanton Republican Senate candidate Eric Hovde suggested most nursing home residents should not be voting because they only have "five, six months life expectancy." Hovde is challenging Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, a crucial swing state that could determ
  12. Saw this on Facebook and felt the need to share. There is a little coffee shop, where two people arrive and approached the counter. “Five coffees please. Two for us and three hanging.” They paid, they took their two coffees and left. I asked the waiter. "What’s this about hanging co
  13. By Jay Kuo We all felt a shudder last year when Judge Aileen Cannon was randomly assigned to preside over Trump’s theft of classified documents case in Florida. She’s both incompetent and a Trump bootlicker, which means she could inflict some real damage as the judge. This includes
  14. When Wall Street greed threatened the pensions of 22,000 Wisconsin workers and retirees,Sen. Tammy Baldwin fought back to ensure they got every penny of their hard-earned money. Her Butch Lewis Act made sure every one of them got their full pension. #BlueWaveRising
  15. AMPT: The GOP's #Project2025 pretty much spells it out. It's their one and only plan and it's all encompassing. Get power and keep it. MSNBC's Ali Velshi does a great job of explaining it.
  16. Good one
  17. pro tip: if you can't denounce slavery because doing so would anger your base, you're on the wrong fucking side
  18. A single event in the 1950s triggered the so-called “school choice movement.” The result is devastating both our children and the standing of our nation worldwide…

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