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Because is at least everybody's second favorite topic, and part of a balanced Post newsfeed. Here to DJ and taking requests. Also chronicling the business from the stations you grew up with to the ones that are still great.

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  1. Are You Out There?

    I haven't been on Post much in the last two months. I mostly talk #music and #radio on social media, and there wasn't much of a quorum for that here. But having stopped by today, I'm curious how many people will just respond to this in some way? (If pop #music and its rock-era hi
  2. The "this is now an oldie, do you feel old?" post

    I'm listening to a small Classic Hits (the new word for "oldies") station in Michigan. They've just played "Last Night" by the Strokes. It's certainly a song with a retro feel. It wasn't jarring after "Eight Days a Week." It was in pop culture, but never a pop hit, so I wonder if
  3. Realizing this morning...

    I'm listening to "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" on the "Roq of the '80s" feed from KROQ Los Angeles this morning. Pet Shop Boys really were the Steely Dan of the '80s.
  4. Soft Rock: The Documentary.

    A lot of #music friends and readers really enjoyed the Bee Gees documentary on HBO two holiday seasons ago. On Jan. 3, it's soft rock's turn when Sometimes When We Touch: The Reign, Ruin, and Resurrec
  5. A legendary R&B radio station: 1987

    The first R&B #radio station, WDIA Memphis, was going strong when I first heard it on Christmas Eve, 1987. Sometimes DJs complain about working holidays, but the legendary Bobby O'Jay was planning to
  6. If you are in any way chafing at hearing #XmasMusic wherever you go, what's worse? Double holiday #Music. #Radio #HitThePost
  7. Where Whamageddon Is Unavoidable

    I'm not trying to avoid #Whamageddon . There are a lot of other holiday mainstays that I'm far more tired of than "Last Christmas." But in America, it's not that difficult for the first few weeks if yo
  8. RIP Thom Bell

    Sorry to see the news about Thom Bell this afternoon. One of my favorite productions was this R&B hit that was just starting to crossover, when radio flipped it to play "I'll Be Around" instead. But b
  9. The Job-Hunter Dream

    I'm very fortunate to be gainfully employed in the #radio field I love, especially at a time when the business is contracting. but last night I still had the job hunting dream. I was supposed to do a Z
  10. My #1 Single of All-Time (Tonight, Anyway)

    Every now and then, there's a heavily debated listing of the top 100 singles of all-time. I've never voted for one, but my votes wouldn't be the same by the time the list was tabulated. For much of the
  11. A Holiday Song for 2022

    So many current songs are what they've come to refer to as "flips"--interpolations of older songs. Here's a Christmas carol gorgeously and touchingly updated for 2022. #Music #MusicPost
  12. Welcome Aboard. What's Your Statement Song?

    Welcome to Post. It's good to see some #music and #radio friends finally coming aboard. Working in radio, a lot of thought in launching a new station goes into a first song. ("Start Me Up" was used a
  13. Your Weekend Afternoon Playlist

    A weekend afternoon #playlist --up and fun but easy enough to be the background for anything you're doing this afternoon. Rock, R&B, and pop from the '70s through right now. One of many playlists @ros
  14. Not the town square, the break room

    For some, Twitter was the town square. For me, it was more like the break room, where I could go find someone to banter with for a few minutes. It takes a minute to move that somewhere else. Or maybe
  15. Say NoGO

    Part of the sadness of what's happening now is that our social media outlets have basically become NGOs. So this is like seeing the Red Cross go rogue.
  16. When predictions aren't so predictive

    When I type "What's Your ET..." and the three suggested auto-fills are "ETC," "ethics," and "Ethan," I wonder if the robots aren't quite ready yet?
  17. An all-Christmas Classical Station

    For anybody burnt on the #XmasMusic hits as heard most everywhere, here's WRR Dallas doing all-Classical Christmas. I've told a few friends about this station and both have gone back and listened a fe
  18. A DJ friend of mine used to do an imitation of the typical request caller, and it always ended with "...and don't talk, I'm taping."
  19. The Most Annoying Thing In The World

    People have real problems. The world has real problems, and that is in part why were now congregate here at Post. But there are still needless annoyances. Over the last five years, the thing that has
  20. Welcome to Post. Have a Playlist. (Really)

    If you're looking for a weekend playlist, and you loved "Summer of Soul," here's more great R&B from the summer of 1969 as heard on New York's AM radio powerhouse of the time, "Soul 16" WWRL. If you're

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