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Writer, musician, rhymer. Exile from hostile territory.

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  1. Another week, another mass shooting. An assault weapon with a high- capacity magazine kills several people in a couple minutes before the 'good guys with guns' can get there. I've been working in the anti-gun violence movement for 22 years. I've done dozens of benefits, marches,
  2. I don't get the tips and wallet thing. l'm sure all will be revealed.
  3. Oh hello again. I sometimes forget you're here and that's on me.
  4. This seems to be working out well.
  5. Still getting used to this. I like the smaller playground, and seeing some old friends from other spheres. Seems like a nice cafe society. I'll start innocuously: my playlist this morning was The Lumi
  6. Hello there. Should I be scared?

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