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UK-based transport technology professional. Travel, cooking and rowing out of office.

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  1. First Sam Bankman-Fried and now Liz Truss with the whole "I was right except for the laws of mathematics" opinion pieces.
  2. when you accidentally recognize that crimea is ukraine:
  3. All of the final season of “His Dark Materials” on iPlayer is quite the Christmas treat.
  4. There’s a 1975 version of “And Then There Were None” starring Oliver Reed and Gert Frobe?
  5. Time to leave Evernote?

    As somebody who has used Evernote since about 2005, this does not feel like great news for a product that's been largely stagnant recently.
  6. Billionaire tech brat blows $44B for an experience that ultimately reveals how many millions of people can’t stand him, then throws series of hissy fits of incredulity. Story at 11.
  7. Started playing with iTunes/Apple Music and just logged in after a decade of Spotify - it's a weird snapshot of my life in 2011.

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