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Ronna Dewey (she/her)


Troublemaker. Philly born. PA Proud.


Mom to 3. Pennsylvania Program Director at Red Wine & Blue. Unapologetic suburban woman.

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  1. In Pennsylvania “Extreme Republicans are trying to keep power in Pennsylvania to force their out-of-touch agenda – which may include their long-standing plan to try and sneak through an anti-abortion
  2. We have work to do in 2023. #education
  3. Extremist politicians want women to die

    Louisiana woman, Kaitlyn Joshua, couldn’t get anyone at two different ERs to treat her while she was bleeding profusely and in extreme pain due to miscarriage. She couldn’t even get them to tell her i
  4. Be a Book Ban Buster

    Brilliant read from Kelly Jensen of Book Riot. Now is the time to resolve to take action against censorship in 2023. Besides all the advice here, please check out @redwineblueusa

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