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  1. It’s official: The GOP is a criminal enterprise.
  2. No matter how far to the right Vivek Raswamy positions himself he will not win the GOP primary. Look how they all went after him tonight. Because how can a Hindu with Indian ethnicity become the leader of a White Christian Nationalist cult? #VivekRamaswamy #GOPDebate
  3. We already live in a choose-your-own-reality world, where large segments of the population cannot or will not acknowledge facts or reason. AI will make it even worse!
  4. Growth at all costs is dangerous.

    What if the only way to save the planet was to stop trying to grow your earnings? The idea of eternal growth is so deeply embedded in society we don’t even question it.
  5. The Pacific Ocean before you, a mountain range behind you. #travel #sunrise
  6. Hello 2023. Please be kind.
  7. Funny how many folks are here because they left Twitter but can’t stop talking about Twitter. It’s like the lover you left behind after a bad breakup and you can’t stop checking in on him/her.
  8. Grateful for the small but consequential slice of Republicans who stood up for democracy, peace, and rationalism.

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