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  1. How black history has changed in my lifetime

    By Rod Graham I didn’t learn much about black people when I was a kid. Growing up in the South Carolina public school system in the 80’s and early 90’s meant that all you learned about black people was that there was a time when we were slaves, and now we weren’t. We learned that
  2. My self-consciousness is undefeated. I am thinking to myself "do I belong in this group? I am a 'social scientist'. What will the physicists in the group think?" Jesus Christ man, get over yourself.
  3. If the tears fall down like rain.
  4. This makes sense to me.
  5. By Joya Misra, UMass Amherst In January 2024, Florida officially voted to reduce the number of students enrolled in sociology courses. That might sound baffling if you haven’t tuned into this cultural skirmish. But for me – I’m the American Sociological Association’s current presid
  6. This is intriguing. Politics as spectacle. Spectacle as politics. On the one hand, yes I can see how the Iranian government would want to leverage #WhitneyWright . On the other, what if Wright (presumably) is genuine in her comments currently, and has been publicly pro-Palestinian
  7. My latest substack piece describes my experience with #ChatGPT .
  8. From "Wild" to "Tamed": Experiences with ChatGPT

    By Rod Graham You can’t avoid all this talk about artificial intelligence (AI). Consider a few headlines from CNN: “ AI girlfriends are here and they're posing a threat to a generation of men ” “'Godfather of AI' warns that AI may figure out how to kill people” Probably the most talked
  9. Conservative Studies on College Campuses

    Amidst continuing charges of liberal bias on college campuses, I felt the need to re-post this piece I wrote about the need for Conservative Studies a few years ago. Someone with a higher profile might eventually pick up on this idea. I think it is one worth exploring.
  10. We Don't Need This Kind Of Republican Party

    The two political parties we need in the United States are not a Democrat Party and Republican Party. The two parties we need are a Progressive Party and a centrist party composed of Biden Democrats, centrist in their leanings, and Reagan Republicans, whose primary interest is fi
  11. The phrase "They are saying the quiet part outloud" is overused. It also is no longer clever, revealing, snarky, or eye-opening. The people it applies to are utter deplorables and always have been. It isn't a revelation.
  12. It's very hard to win a presidential election on a platform of manufactured greivances that only a small percentage of the people know or care about. Being anti-DEI and anti-black history is simply not inspiring. I am not a Trump fan, but he speaks to more deeply felt and widely
  13. Tim Scott goes on CNN next to talk about why he endorsed Trump. He is asked specific questions about things that Trump has said. Zero questions about Trump’s dozens of crazy, specific policy proposals. Asked him about VP. He answered none of the questions. Tim, do you agree with
  14. Doing some research for a book proposal I am putting together (it's about deviant behavior online), and I found more proof that our civilization is coming to an end. You really shouldn't hire a hitman on a website called [ahem] "RentAHitman."
  15. "I have a very, very radical view on this, but I can defend it, and I’ve thought about it,” Charlie Kirk said... “We made a huge mistake when we passed the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s.” It was only a matter of time.
  16. I was rolling my eyes at Target attempting to capitalize on #BlackHistoryMonth . But then I saw the company they are promoting. My grandmother used to make these kinds of quilts. It is a true African-American tradition. And the quilts made at Gee's Bend are national treasures
  18. This is excellent. So many people are demonizing teachers (which I still find amazing). More people should post videos giving shout outs to educators who were impactful in their life - even if that educator was their mom, like McConaughy.
  19. Rethinking Evil

    By Rod Graham Serial killers. Serial rapists. Sexual predators. Parents who serially abuse their kids. Kids who serially abuse their parents. These are people who are doing evil things. Not simply criminal. Stealing a bag of potato chips from a corner store is criminal. But evil.
  20. There is something about Buddhist philosophy that is uniquely suited to our modern times.

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