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  1. #Cheetolini has to pay $83.3 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll and we wait for the next kick in his tiny mushroom to come in the Civil Fraud trial in NY. Watching this POS get plucked like a chicken is fucking delicious and I intend to savor this for a loooonnnngggg time.
  2. By Tori Otten The House Oversight Committee on Tuesday released the transcript of the testimony of Kevin Morris , a friend of and attorney for Hunter Biden , and his statements undercut everything Republicans have said about the embattled first son. Morris is a high-powered entertain
  3. This is awesome - share this link! More information here:
  4. By Devon Hesano Ever wonder just who is behind the consistent attacks on Democracy in the courts? Look no further than a little known law group in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee-based Wisconsin Institute For Law and Liberty (WILL) is a conservative firm founded in 2011 that has filed la
  5. Well there it is #Cheetolini is openly #blackmailing a Supreme Court Justice. Gosh, who could have seen this coming....... crazy right?
  7. "Under capitalism, it's normal to let children go hungry, let banks force people out of their homes, let sick people die for lack of access to healthcare. But the idea that billionaires could just be less rich – not poor, not struggling, just less rich, is considered insane." Mart
  8. How we beat back the corporate takeover of America: 1. Break up corporate monopolies 2. Continue building union power 3. End Citizens United and get big money out of politics Let’s keep working to unrig the system.
  9. Seriously, fuck Walberg and fuck Republicans, this is beyond vile.
  10. The right-wing has a new theory that would strip enforcement of key voting rights laws.
  11. What is wrong with these people? Read this real letter to the editor about neo-fascism. Expressing my thoughts exactly. SHARE widely!
  12. Zakhar Prilepin urged Russian women to give birth to more males and said he is promoting an agenda of Russia disavowing the documents agreeing to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and annexing more former Soviet republics, like Uzbekistan.
  13. We are headed into potentially the 2nd largest COVID surge all-time in the U.S. If #wastewater levels follow historic trends, we will reach 2 million infections/day at peak surge with 4.2% of the population actively infectious on Jan 10.
  14. Find organizations and people that have paid the current justices, reimbursed them for travel, given them gifts and more. Every year, the Supreme Court’s nine justices fill out a form that discloses their financial connections to companies and people. Using our new database , you c
  15. Years of NRA tax returns obtained by The Daily Beast show that the gun group’s revenue has been falling for years. And last year was the NRA’s weakest fundraising year since 2008.
  16. Hold on — 4 ELECTED Supreme Court justices in Colorado don’t have the right to take a name off the state’s ballots, but five UNELECTED Supreme Court justices have the right to strip me and tens of millions of others of their right to bodily autonomy? Are you fucking kidding me?

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