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  1. This is a gift article and as such should be accessible.
  2. Whether by choice or by necessity, tens of thousands of Americans, if not far more, are moving in response to climate change, churning through the housing market as they seek out safe and affordable shelter.
  3. Today is the Day of Remembrance for the Japanese American community. 81 years ago today, when I was just a boy of four, FDR signed Executive Order 9066, setting in motion the evacuation of people of Japanese descent from the West Coast and our long years of internment inside ten
  4. Only in America.
  5. At a time of high food prices.
  6. For the insomniacs among us (me included) [Paywall removed]
  7. another in el paso. at least four shot. this isn’t freedom it's insanity
  8. Here here. I see that weapons of war are easy to get, and I’m saying they should be banned.
  9. Most frighteningly, these laws are meant to intimidate educators, to punish them for speaking freely by threatening their jobs, their teaching licenses, and more. The passing of these laws signals the dawn of a new authoritarian age in the United States, where the state uses laws
  10. These mass shootings only happen in the US. No other country has this. Stop voting Republican people!!!
  11. "A man came up to me, big man, great man, tears in his eyes. And he said mr trump, the brakes are no good. They make the train slow and we like trains that are fast don't we folks (lots of people are talking about it) and so we got rid of the brakes." -T
  12. Revisiting this one to point out how fucking nuts we are about the guns. Got a pack of Sargento cheese and brought 3 pistols to the store. I saw a guy (Dan Hodges) catch a lot of shit for a tweet he did in like 2015. It was: "In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun c
  13. Republicans would be perfectly fine with drag queens if they were shooting up schools with AR-15s. #gop #news #nra
  14. Isn’t there already? Look at the Supreme Court
  15. The land of the free? More like the killing fields. Americans’ allegiance to guns is greater than our allegiance to human life. It is sick. #MSU
  16. This says it all
  17. Is it like war or is it just war? A war against our children?
  18. This

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