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Liberal Democrat, Coach for Lawyers

After over 35 years as a securities lawyer, I became a therapist. I am now an executive coach, helping lawyers achieve their highest professional and personal goals.

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  1. Hi Posters, Today we released a dedicated News Feed. This will be the place where verified news publishers will live and allow you to read diverse perspectives within a single feed. In the past few yea
  2. I appreciate being on this list #AdriftBook
  3. Unsurprising. These Republicans have no morals and don’t mind acting criminally if it suits them. A bunch of traitors.
  4. If he thought it would get him some votes, #KevinMcCarthy would do it in a heartbeat.
  5. #JamieRaskin #KevinMcCarthy #Politics
  6. Kevin McCarthy is a #Looza!
  7. Teehee!
  8. McCarthy knows himself well.
  9. Andrew Tate has been detained on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organized crime group, Romanian prosecutors say.
  10. getting arrested after losing an argument with a 19 year old woman is apparently an alpha male thing now :) -
  11. One of the greatest skills we can have is being a good listener and to always listen with the intent to understand. Republicans are NOT good listeners. And they definitely don’t try to understand. #Re
  12. My sister has worked for Southwest Airlines for over 30 years. From everything she has told me about SWA and Herb over the years, this explanation sounds right.
  13. UserVoice is how Post wants us to report our feedback. It’s an easy way to report bugs, upvote feature requests, and suggest ideas for the platform. Just today I had quite a few people ask me about ho
  14. Suspended from Twitter. Again. No idea why. Other than my links to mastodon and post?
  15. #PostPets

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