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Writer. Sociologist. Social media failure. She/her/hers.


Writer. Sociologist. Author of Throw Like a Girl Cheer Like a Boy and She/He/They/Me. Professor of sociology and gender studies. Lover of small towns.

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  1. What do tears and goosebumps and awe have in common?
  2. You can see the best things when you're paying attention.
  3. My ongoing obsession with The Princess Bride and the life lessons it might contain.
  4. Always grateful for the first bright, green shoots of daffodils in February.
  5. How to watch something you love die.
  6. Figuring out a better way to travel (and live).
  7. Writers on the loose in St. Petersburg.
  8. This year, I'm celebrating the small steps, which can still be hard.
  9. This is pretty much my only New Year's more scales.
  10. Should I just go ahead and start writing the memoir about my f***ed up family now so it's ready to publish when they're gone or no?
  11. Grateful for how satisfying I'm finding it to edit stories lately.
  12. Twenty plus years on an academic calendar and still figuring out the best way to do the breaks. In the process, developing a catalog of time.
  13. Writing cat

    Had to switch rooms for my writing space while my daughter's home from college and back in her bedroom, but my cat came with me, because who can write without cats?
  14. And there's Indiana. Solidly coal.
  15. Yes, please.
  16. I have very strong feelings about walking.
  17. I thought when Twitter collapsed we'd all just spend less time on social media. Guess not.

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