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Rob Albanese


Graphic Novelist

I am an author and illustrator. I have one picture book/graphic novel "The Birders" published in 2022. I'm moving into middle grade graphic novels though and plan for my next three books to be in that realm.

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  1. Learning New Things

    One of the unexpected surprises about making books is how much fun I get to have in learning new things. While making a book about birders, I got into birding. Now, I love it and it's one of my happy places to be out somewhere in nature with a pair of binoculars. For a graphic
  2. Making Trolls

    My next graphic novel is going to have some trolls in it. Here are two fun characters I came up with while exploring shapes and ideas. The one on the left probably owes most of it's design to the gh
  3. Waiting

    I've been thinking about this recently as I send in my graphic novel proposal to various agents. Usually it takes many weeks and often months to hear back from someone. And when you do hear back, it

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