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  1. In light of the ABC story retailers are advised to move Mark Meadows’ book to the fiction section
  2. “Steven Segal plays a movie executive in: Hard Pass!” … …is a sentence that just entered my brain for some reason so I put it here
  3. “Based off of” makes no sense to me. It’s “based ON.” A base is something that supports or underlies something else, a foundation, so “based off” negates any connection. Words are supposed to mean things!
  4. I realize that Adam Sandler making a movie with his kids isn’t technically generational trauma, but it’s something
  5. I guessed the exact age of Bob Barker’s death but there’s no way I’m taking that $100 bill from his pocket
  6. Ha! This one company perfectly embodies 2 jokes in my song Corporations Are People Too: 1) based in Ireland for tax evasion, 2) filed bankruptcy to avoid a huge settlement
  7. Fun show today at the @edmontonfringe! A post show compliment from someone who said they hosted a lesbian radio show on a community station in Vancouver: “we never had men on the show but I’d put you on!” I’m quite flattered 😊
  8. Just bailed on a movie after 1 full minute; was expecting a “6 months earlier…” but instead got a “yep, that’s me…” Either would’ve been a dealbreaker
  9. Sure, ‘look for the helpers,’ but don’t give the a-holes a pass 😏
  10. Mosquitos in Edmonton are no joke! Last night I nearly got bit in the eye. IN THE EYE!!! I will battle them for fringe theater :P #YEGfringe #fringe42
  11. Went on ex-Twitter for the first time since the name change and kept trying to close windows by clicking the logo 🙃
  12. When did MLB home run celebrations become prop acts? Was that part of the new rules package?
  13. I DIYed a video for the new Green L.E.D.s song! Yes, it’s me lip-syncing in my apartment, that’s the ‘Y’ part :P
  14. Great, the Cubs/Yankees game has been preempted by the Ump Show 🤦‍♂️
  15. Amazon is also getting onto the microblogging space, their killer feature will be splitting up your posts and delivering it in 5 pieces throughout the day
  16. I have no idea what temu is but they’re always pitching the absolute most random crap
  17. I’m writing a note on my iPad mini with and Apple Pencil and I realized I’m using a Newton 30.0
  18. The American Songbook: Redacted returns to NYC for a special preview of the fringe fest run! Only $10 and no drink minimum, for FREEDOM!
  19. It finally happened. Had to use dropbox for a freelance assignment. It was a joyous day years ago when my account was closed due to inactivity. Clock restarts… now! ⏱
  20. Life is a Drag!

    I wrote a song in support of drag performers because the vitriol and threats being hurled their way is just unconscionable. Music and arrangement by me, hair & makeup by snapchat

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