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  1. Viral hash tag madness

    I'm not terribly active on the bird site. That said I have never seen a hash tag go completely bonkers like this for 4 days straight now. It started out as #TrumpSmells , then mutated to #TrumpSmellsBad . The pics will have you in tears. It reportedly was so popular that the Trump
  2. Carpet bombing Adv on Dead Bird.

    Anyone notice the sudden increase in the amount of ads being blasted onto the other site? This started in the last few hours. Every other post is now an adv. And it's not just on the main page. Every where you go is 40-50% adv now. My block list is going to be absolutely massive
  3. The RWNJs are using Damar Hamlin's accident during the game last night as a means to vilify the covid vaccine. Disgusting. And no surprise, it's largely the group of individuals who had previously bee
  4. Ethics? What ethics?

    The House Republican caucus is expected to vote on a package of rules that "guts" the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) before it can investigate incoming Rep. George Santos (R-NY). Disgusting, but
  5. Roasted his chestnuts

    Wow. Greta totally emasculated this guy. Who is Andrew Tate again? FYI: He's a misogynistic asshole who claims that women are men's property.
  6. Miss Ukraine entry in Miss Universe Pageant: Profile
  7. It would seem that Elmo's free speech has its limits after all (besides being critical of him). A tweet posted on the 22nd by cokehead Don Jr. featuring a photoshopped image of Hunter Biden naked danc
  8. This is why the hypothesis of dinosaurs being alive during the time of Jesus is unlikely. It likely would have not ended well.
  9. Hello World

    Woot! Got my account activated. I did notice a couple of bugs. The first is the automatically generated password is being rejected by the sign up script because there are no special characters present

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