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  1. Post knows me Rob Melrose Normal 0% <- post knows!
  2. Normal 0% Spoutible, Post and Mastadon. I am still trying to decide where to spend the most time. If you have decided, please let me know what how you decided.
  3. Republicans only want to hang onto power. They will support an indicted fascist to hang onto power. The @GOP and #MAGA need to go the way of the Whigs. Check out this gift article, at no cost to you. Read here:
  4. Tesla Board of Directors should reign in Elon
  5. January 6th

    Two years ago, trump sent an armed mob to destroy the country. While they failed, the House Republicans are doing their best to destroy the country. One party is still trying to destroy the country.
  6. With every passing day, it becomes more obvious that McCarthy is not a leader. For the good of the country McCarthy should step aside
  7. I hope the "Never Kevins" will skip the vote at noon.
  8. As the Kevin McCarthy chaos plays out and the Republicans demonstrate their inability to govern, let’s not forget that almost exactly two years ago 139 House Republicans voted against certifying the p
  9. I know what you're thinking: we need a two minute Broadway musical wrap up of everything that's happened on Post in 2022. Good news - it's here! I hope you enjoy this little holiday gift from me to al
  10. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more 800-273-8255 or 988 Veteran’s Crisis/Suicide Prevention (800) 273-8255 also 988 En Español 1-888-62
  11. But wait.... Evangelicals told us that tfg was the "chosen one" OMG.....Thinking of golden calf then and now.
  12. Jan 6 comedy unveils four criminal referrals for Trump. Jan. 6 Referrals to House Ethics Committee: -McCarthy -Jordan -Perry -Biggs
  13. Elon posted a poll on Twitter asking if he should resign as CEO. I wish the board of directors of Tesla would force him out as CEO
  14. FINALLY! #WorldCup
  15. What an amazing #WorldCup oh, to be in Argentina right now!
  16. Thank you, Argentina! Thank you, MESSI! #WorldCup
  17. Can Argentina hold the lead for another 11 minutes? #WorldCup
  18. After extra time, penalty kicks Let's go, Argentina --- don't let it go to penalty kicks. #WorldCup

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