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Investment professional trying to figure out the markets. All posts are my personal opinions and should not be construed as professional advice.

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  1. China oil demand weakness is bad news for Russia
  2. Paging Elon Musk
  3. History of the dollar
  4. This explains why he looked so disinterested in the football.
  5. History rhymes…remarkable correlation between 2008 and 2022
  6. With y/e fast approaching earnings announcements are light this week. Micron is one to watch - tech spending has slowed down. What is the outlook for semis for 2023? We should find out on the earnings
  7. Inflation falls faster than it rises. #inflation
  8. h/t @jojofromjerz
  9. My day just got a whole lot better
  10. Merry Merrick

    Merrick Garland has a wicked sense of humor: Journalist: Does the verdict in Rhodes mean we'll get more sedition charges? Garland: The next sedition trial starts Monday so I can't comment.
  11. Losers turn into grifters - pretend there has been irregular voting, amp up the base, and fundraise to continue living the high life.
  12. Brilliant!
  13. Welcome to all our new fellow Postees:
  14. The Saudis must be loving having to watch Elon piss their investment away
  15. Like this @rmayemsinger ?
  16. What a contrast - President Obama serves the needy whereas Trump dines with a Nazi and an anti-Semitist.
  17. Many people have been asking about an iOS or Android app. Right now, we are working to release features fast so having one code base and release process (i.e. testing web vs web+iOS+Android). Our reso

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