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  1. Happy 2023

    The perfect way to start 2023, at a screening of my favorite film, one ranked #2 on the recent Sight & Sound poll of the all-timers. Now what do I do on Day 2?
  2. Like getting a lump of coal in one’s stocking. Netflix, can I have 2 hours of my life back?
  3. Positively balmy but still, I think I’ll stay inside on the couch today. Happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate!
  4. Finally got around to catching this. A bit too long but quite effective nonetheless. Viggo and Colin are two of the finest out there. @criticforeons knows what she’s talking abo
  5. The NY Times continues to embarrass itself daily. Oy!
  6. P.T. Barnum would be so proud.
  7. Happy heavenly birthday to my mom, who would have turned 104 today!
  8. Congratulations Georgia and Stacey Abrams! You did it again!! Just sad and shocking how close this was given the presence of such a woefully under qualified candidate on the other side of the ballot.
  9. Good morning NYC! It’s Friday.
  10. Seriously? Christine McVie?? A seminal part of my late teens, Rumours is THE album I always come back to in any given year when I need to remember what greatness is. 💔
  11. Georgia, you’re on my mind. Let’s keep you blue. Vote!
  12. RIP. Fame was such a moment in time for those of us of a certain generation.
  13. Still trying to figure out where I’m going to come down here. Most of the lyrics land (no surprise) but musically it just feels a bit undernourished.

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