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  1. Spent time with #OpenAIChat putting it through its paces, asking questions, and having it write a commercial, legal brief, and an article. My mind runs wild thinking about the creative things it can do
  2. If you're watching me and I'm watching you, who's watching us?

    "Spotify has done an amazing job of marketing surveillance as fun and getting people to not only participate in their own surveillance, but celebrate it and share it and brag about it to the world."⁩ I
  3. "If someone had little time in America and could only see five cities, which would you suggest they visit?"

    This is a fun experiment (cities listed alphabetically) here are a few combos … 1) Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, New York City 2) Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe, Moab, Ouray, Valdez 3) Branson, Dyers
  4. Same dehumanization, just a different decade and different words

    For roughly 40 years, right-wing talk radio has called "liberalism a disease." Saying those holding liberal beliefs were infected. And that, ultimately, liberalism is a cancer needing to be eradicated
  5. This ...

    "We must acknowledge that spaces that may be considered safe for those enjoy more privileged existences may have never been safe for others and actively work to make sure that everyone is free from ha
  6. Lists, lists, and more lists

    One feature set that I would say is critical—are lists. Everything is a list. Lists contain items. Items can be anything. Posts, likes, shares, comments, people, and more are all items associated with
  7. Hey, there-it's good to be here.

    A bit about me, I created my Twitter account a few months after it launched in 2006 when it was SMS-based. Lived through the days when folks posted what they were eating—now those were the days. Being

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