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  1. Is it true that Governor Huckabee of Arkansas begins every executive meeting with a lightening round of hawg calling?
  2. Come & play #GOPBingo Save your card & put an ❌ over each square Share & enjoy the spectacle of IMPOTENT @HouseGOP as they strut the floor of the House: "Tales told by idiots full of sound and fury, sign
  3. Great point!
  4. You go girl πŸ˜‚
  5. Trump brand adult diapers to the rescue

    After the performance of McCarthy's quest to the speakership chair he not only needed Trump to white knight him in but may also need those Trump brand diapers. There can't be much tihtness left in the
  6. Can any member of the house call for a Motion to Vacate?

    Then have the democrats test it in a few weeks. See if McCarthy has the chops to survive it. Consider it a test run for this summer's debt ceiling fight. Someone from the Freedom caucus will almost ce
  7. Never forget: Republicans did this crazy shit to THEMSELVES.
  8. Truth. I believe that' he is saying we suck and it's your fault.
  9. Truth! Trash is as trash does.
  10. Watching Loser McLoserson lose

    He is getting dog walked once again. McCarthy has to be wearing trump brand adult diapers because no way his sphincter holds the line. #GOPdysfunction
  11. Another GOP congressman NYS deserves

    On morning Joe today they interviewed incoming republican Mike Lawler NY-17 let us know exactly who he is when he mentioned he won in a congressional district where The Clintons and George Soros live.
  12. It’s 2am and nobody wants to take Kevin McCarthy home. Ha ha ha ha.
  13. For the GOP the sh!tter's full

    Jim Jordan getting votes and crapping on McCarthy is exactly what the the GOP made of themselves. An overflowing port-a-jon on the hottest day of July.
  14. Tee and a hee.
  15. Watching Representative Mercy GED dog walk McCarthy around the house is quite the show

    I wonder if Kevin McCarthy is wearing trump brand adult diapers. That would be so on brand for the craptacular leadership he brings to the table. #republicansindisarray #democratsdeliver
  16. That cover pic has a someone dealt it and the other one smelt it vibe.
  17. Lest we forget who Andrea Mitchell's husband is. She is not exactly a disinterested bystander looking for the facts.
  18. Will Dramamine be required for this wild ride?

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