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Mortgage loan officer & politics junkie. Music lover, I'll name that tune with the best of them. Pontooner, guitar learner, family man, and I may drink a bit...

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  1. Israel's Attorney-General is doing what she can to push back against Netanyahu's blitz toward illiberalism. I wouldn't be surprised if she's sacked 'ere too long in a "Saturday Night Massacre" sort of
  2. Ooh looking forward to this interview. #Ultra was amazing.
  3. AI will continue to reflect our biases and weaknesses like fun house mirrors before it probably devours us
  4. Wonderful.
  5. Yes please!
  6. A new beginning

    I'm so glad I was ridiculously suspended from Twitter and can't get past the 2 factor authentication to resolve. Now this is my home social media app and I love it. Please follow me and I'm following
  7. This may answer a lot of folks questions.
  8. A big part of the freakout you're seeing from Elon and the rest of the rightwing crowd is that they just ran a whole campaign against the "woke mind virus" and LGBTQ people in an electoral environment
  9. Thomebody's tho tired! #dogsofpost #charliebuttons
  10. Just learned how to post. 🙏 I agree. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer.
  11. I was suspended from Twitter for something totally stupid, and now I can't access my account to resolve. I think 2 factor authentication issues. But anyways, it's looking like more and more of a shit
  12. Boy we can sure learn a few things...
  13. Welp, it looks like I got my walking papers on Twitter. They won't even let me get past the phone number verification so I could see WTF tweet I could possibly have violated (I'm tame y'all!). The sha
  14. I'm kind of digging this site, but it would be funner with some followers!
  15. ✅✅

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