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You belong among the wildflowers You belong in a boat out at sea Sail away, kill off the hours You belong somewhere you feel free.

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  1. @augieray I gave you everything in my wallet. Hope you'll join us at BlueSky.
  2. I'm so sad to hear that this platform is going away soon. Where's everyone going?
  3. O.J. Simpson dies of cancer at age 76, his family says | CNN RIP Nicole and Ron

    "There is a reason why 30-some-odd other banks and surety firms said no. And so there has to be a reason why he said yes. And that is because — especially because — he's running for president." Perhaps this bond payment should be considered a political contribution?
  5. Newsweek

    "Medicare Advantage is neither Medicare nor an advantage. It is a scam promoted by large insurance companies like UnitedHealth hiding behind the name of a trusted program." The Truth Behind Medicare (Dis)Advantage's Disinformation Campaign | Opinion (
  6. Many factors could be causing the rise in diseases and infections that we're seeing this year. These include low vax rates, public health funding cuts, and global warming. But, the one factor the world has experienced together in the past four years has been the arrival of #COVID
  7. People Magazine

    "Taken together, these studies show that COVID-19 poses a serious risk to brain health, even in mild cases, and the effects are now being revealed at the population level," Al-Aly wrote in his essay. "The growing body of research now confirms that COVID-19 should be considered a v
  8. Biden Wants to Boost Affordable Housing. Easier Said Than Done. | The New Republic Not one word about stopping the corporate takeover of single family homes to make them into rentals.
  9. The republican party is dead. Put a stake in it. Funeral (
  10. Stick with that line, Joe. Worked for Reagan and it can work for you!!!
  11. Every Texas Democrat should be using this in their ads and speeches.
  12. Farrotto ( 📸 Rick Ehling 02/2024-03/11/2024 Farrotto with sausage, mushrooms, and broccoli. One of the meals I cook on rotation is #farrotto , (like risotto but with farro), and easier to make from a no need to hover over the pot point. No continuous stirring. But it does take a bit
  13. Terrific summary below by 16 MDs entitled “Covid is not over.” Everyone should read this. They write: "We can’t take responsibility for the constant, unmitigated infection of the population w/ a vascular-damaging, neurotropic virus like SARS-CoV-2, in which a previous infection pr
  14. Four years ago today , the World Health Organization declared #COVID19 a pandemic. A couple of months ago, it reiterated we are STILL in a pandemic , albeit no longer a global health emergency. WHO continues to warn that we don't know all of the implications of COVID infections and
  15. Marjorie Taylor Greene is showing the entire nation what an embarrassment she is. I retired as a Brigadier General after serving 40 years; it's my patriotic duty to remove MTG from Congress. If you're angry tonight, can you REPOST this and consider matching the average donation to
  16. Marjorie Taylor Greene, your time's up. North Georgia: I heard you loud and clear. Today, I filed my paperwork, and I'm I'm going to be on the ballot as a candidate to represent the great people of 14th Congressional district. Can you repost this post and consider matching our AVG
  17. Funny that it was the same people that I heard saying for 8 years that Obama was definitely the Antichrist and were scared to death that he wasn't going to leave office and become our dictator, etc.
  18. The current #COVID19 situation in the US can be summed up as “better than we were two months ago, but much, much worse than most people think.” COVID in wastewater is our best and most accurate measure of the level of infections in the population. Our two sources of wastewater da
  19. Yeah
  20. This is huge.

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