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Dir/Editor/Photog | 11 Emmys | @upra_oficial / @NewhouseSU | De/From 🇵🇷 Opinions, Me.

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  1. Anybody else finding the “new app version available” banner on every launch annoying? Why can’t these updates be routed via the App Store on #iOS ? #Posthelp
  2. Excited to share that @carnegiecorp is part of a coalition of philanthropic foundations that are collectively investing more than $500M to revitalize local journalism. 🎉🎉🎉 #news #journalism #philanthropy #LocalJournalism
  3. Pun Winner of the Year!!
  4. Just as a reminder: leaving Twitter and deleting your account will NOT end your existence.
  5. You cannot make this up... Shortly after the flood gates open, this:
  6. Here’s something that struck me as new and notable from the January 6 indictment : It makes clear that officials and advisers who had Trump's ear in the days leading up to the attack on the Capitol were at least flirting with the idea of using military force to prevent Joe Biden f
  7. Good job @Post !
  8. The Bird Song

    Wondering in thought what we could do to promote @Post as an alternative... Could there be a way for people to export/import their timeline history? Maybe not... Portability goes to die in social media walled gardens. This is part of the things I d
  9. Post-pandemic capitalism is bananas.
  10. Star Trek: Discovery's Last Season

    Star Trek: Discovery ending in season 5 is just the cherry on top of hearing it's last season premieres NEXT YEAR. Streaming sucks. #startrek #startrekdiscovery #llap
  11. By: Jessica Gresko, The Associated Press The Supreme Court seemed ready Wednesday to allow New Jersey to withdraw from a commission the state created decades ago with New York to combat the mob's influence at their joint port. During arguments at the high court both liberal and con
  12. The Sounds of Wikipedia

    Listen to the changes of the shared knowledge on Wikipedia with this ingenious website... It's very organic sounding. #wikipedia #opensource #humanknowledge
  13. Bye bye, blue bird...

    Sent out the request to download my Blue Bird data for account deletion. Banning journalists on a flawed interpretation of law and the protections of the First Amendment broke that camel's back for me
  14. Inauguration

    First post... Looking for coherent leadership in multilateral conversation feed provider. Here I am for the first time. Let's hope we can stay the course.

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