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Author of Enlightenment Novels

Richard Dietrich Maddox grew up in the Midwest and graduated with honors from Princeton University. After graduation, he spent five years in Europe studying literature and preparing to teach meditation. He taught meditation full-time for two years before serving as the Vice President of Sales for seven successful high-tech startup companies. In 2005, he retired from the business world to concentrate on writing. He is the author of the number-one Amazon-bestselling Enlightenment novels, "Remembering Eternity," "The Whisper of a Saint," "Lucinda," and "The Enlightenment of Joshua Inly," all of which have been highly acclaimed by readers.

25 Posts

  1. "A Child Again"

    Spiritual growth had turned her life back into that of an innocent child. The world was full of wonderful possibilities, which every day revealed themselves. Intriguing people emerged from nowhere to
  2. "What is Art?": "Great art derives from the Absolute, from Eternity, from God: from consciousness established even temporarily in the Infinite, the artist understands life without bounds, space withou
  3. "Living in Light": "For, as I looked up at the clouds, I knew they carried a vital message which my intuition had to be sharp enough to decipher. It appeared to me that these sky-floating massifs spok
  4. "Santa Cruz Coastline": "Oceans move like immense lovers, with gentle, quiet, smooth undulations, which one cannot see coming; they rise from somewhere deep; they swell; they pick up mass and force; t
  5. "First Inklings of Eternity": "Eternity, like the peek-a-boo morning sun, clasping the horizon’s brim, had been close to bursting forth in all its auroral, igniform, blind dazzle. It had lurked just b
  6. "Florida Sunrise": "But as the curtain went up, I turned off my mental machine and enjoyed the spectacle for what it was, a marvel. Harbingers of the sun’s arrival flew across the sky in the form of d
  7. "Mystical Experience": "He felt that he had been dissolved as a discrete entity but had, in an incomparably advantageous exchange, been reconstituted as the vital center of everything. Ego had nothing
  8. "Snow: Part 2": "As he stood meditating the scene—the filigreed branches, lampposts fitted with furry, round hats, roof rakes striped with a draftsman’s perfection, and bushes topped by ice floes—occa
  9. "Snow": "When he first gazed upon such a morning as a child, Skylar had been stunned by the sight of a world utterly transfigured. It looked as if nature had grown tired of concrete and asphalt, of st
  10. "The Pacific": "As Skylar sat there, arms entwining knees, thought replaced by wonder; as his eyes sailed what looked to be the endless Pacific, he became more intimate with the world than he had ever
  11. "Daphnis and Chloe": "After a few minutes, Ravel's Daphnis et Chloé sounded from the red-nosed Magnavox stereo. This music enthralled her. In it she heard the world awakening from its dark-night slumb

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