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archaeologist, bass player, greaseman

Alta California

Musician ||: bass and guitar :|| Dog pics, food, travel, and music. Husband | dog dad | Native Angeleno LA sports fan | Dodgers | Lakers | Kings | Rams | Deadhead 💀🌹 Obama Dem No fighting est. 12/16/2022

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  1. jumbo morning
  2. Happy Last Waltz Day!
  3. Upton Bohemian in the morning light.
  4. Wife: which Spice Girl would I be? Me: Old Spice Wife: Me: (laughter) Wife: Me: aww c'mon … ruined an entire Holiday Weekend
  5. #liuna_local724 came out yesterday to support #SAGAFTRAmember picketers. No way we would have been able to shut down Lankershim without them. No way. Thank you guys! Picketing Universal yesterday is not something I will forget.
  6. Battle Flag
  7. I saw the show. Awesome!
  8. Don't quit -- unite! For the rest of the Fourth: - If you follow me, I'll follow you back. - If you already follow me, RT and I'll follow back! Let's do this! #FBR #NAFO #NAFOFellas
  9. maybe if I lay down in the entry to the kitchen someone will notice me
  10. Stay United!
  11. Epic night of music and song at the Hollywood Bowl last night. Can’t wait to do it again tonight. #willienelson90
  12. Hunter Biden deserves grace. Jared Kushner deserves investigation. Get more of my thoughts on the stark differences between the two.
  13. Two Americas...via Michael de Adder, Washington Post
  14. Thanks Seattle Times for this list of people who mocked Paul Pelosi after an attempted murder by a right-wing zealot egged on by generous Republican rhetoric. He has apologized…not for his actions, but for failing to kill Pelosi. Hold them all accountable.
  15. aye captain
  16. I’m glad to see at least some GOP House members (four now and counting from his home state) call for George Santos to resign. His local party bosses concur. Santos must go! Let’s keep up the pressure.
  17. A study in contrasts
  18. Well this wasn't on my bingo card. 👀

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