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Love our country. Don’t like our current political   Upheaval by Disinformation and foreign adversaries 

Twitter refugee; love dogs ; my football ; tech and country over party

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  1. Exercising majority power with only the support of a minority of the electorate is the GOP’s paramount objective. To do that they need to rig the system. Claiming otherwise is just another in the GOP’s long list of lies they tell to undermine democracy.
  2. This man is a POS.
  3. and to think that Ivanka could have married Tom Brady
  4. Trump is a global joke
  5. Today will be a big day for democracy: Kari Lake's contest hearing at 11am ET. Abe Hamadeh's contest hearing at 3:30 pm ET. Does DeWine sign Ohio voter suppression law? January 6 Committee. My advice: Foll
  6. Is there a Post app to download ? Been just using the browser. @feedback
  7. The conservative 11th Circuit did exactly what it had to do, and what I predicted it would do. It concluded that Judge Cannon had no jurisdiction to interfere with the Justice Department’s handling of

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