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Always pale, sometimes interesting

Cardiff, Wales

Liberal in extremis, Welsh, Cardiffian, Europhile, political junkie, avid reader of comics, amateur boxer, former vocalist of heavy metal band, HRBP, Views my own.

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  1. The blue bird's dying isn't she
  2. Her silent plea

    Those sad eyes stare back at me But I can't play trains again today. I can no longer pretend to care what Thomas is doing. I love your beautiful imagination but I wish you would play by yourself. I'm sha
  3. First day of the christmas break for me, sadly full of a cold but a perfect time to get reacquainted with an old friend. #comics
  4. Fabulous article
  5. Nadolig Llawen x

    And breathe...I must admit I am enjoying this site its welcoming and open, easy to use and very aesthethically pleasing - no doom scrolling, or doom polling (dear me talk about a very public meltdown
  6. Well hello peeps that Post! I must say this is very exciting! Thanks for letting me join!

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