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Free catholic clergy, notRoman ☦️✝️✡️ Michigan born,retIred USEPA engineer Follows Jesus, Supports Ukraine🇺🇦 RevRev=bikername 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 ally even if you get pissed! 🚫DM,crypto

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  1. Bye

    Post seems to have changed to demand access only through the Post app and not also through a browser. As long as this is true, I will no longer be using Post. Bye.
  2. Unable to access Post from browser

    Unable to access Post from Safari (browser) and app has been difficult on my small 4” phone screen AND it keeps asking for push notification permission. Did I miss an announcement of a change effective on March 1? Is the app the only way now? If so then I guess Post and I are on
  3. Saint Oswald of Worcester (925 – February 29, 992), Bishop

    —a stained glass image of St Oswald The last acts in the life of today’s saint make for an amazing story. In truth, they merely underscore the holiness he exhibited throughout his life. Born into a military family in 10th-century England, Oswald was a nephew of the archbishop of Ca
  4. Saint Oswald (-992), Bishop

    — A 12th-century painting of Saint Oswald in Durham Cathedral. Photograph by Robin Widdison. Oswald received his formation as a Benedictine monk in the Abbey of Fleury-sur-Loire in France and became Bishop of Worcester in 961. With St Dunstan and St Ethelwold he worked hard at rev
  5. Saint Gregory of Narek (c.950-1005), Abbot and Doctor of the Church

    — A manuscript written in 1173, from Cilician Armenia. He was born around 950 to a noble family in the region of Anzevatsik in Armenia: a region now on the borders of south-eastern Turkey and north-western Iran. He received a cultured and literary upbringing. As a young man he ent
  6. Saint Alexander of Alexandria (250 - 328), Bishop

    — Detail of an icon (11th-14th century) in Veljusa Monastery in Macedonia. Alexander played an important role in the growth of the catechetical school at Alexandria. When he was made bishop, he continued in his efforts to educate the faithful in the faith. He encountered serious c
  7. CPAC : Pushing US toward theocracy

    This is “false prophet Christianity.” CPAC : they are no longer conservatives, true Christians, or even Republicans. They are fascists pushing us toward the cliff of theocracy. 😡
  8. Redirect Israel military aid to Ukraine…for now!

    Dear President Joe Biden (@POTUS): Knowing the civilian carnage of the Israeli war (supposedly) on Hamas and Bibi’s failure to consider a two state solution, provide a pause and postwar plan, you must consider temporarily redirecting all military aid for Israel to Ukraine instead.
  9. “If we fail…”

    "We must settle this question now, whether in a free government the minority have the right to break up the government whenever they choose. If we fail, it will go far to prove the incapability of the people to govern themselves." —Abraham Lincoln, May 7, 1861
  10. Saint Walburga (c.710 - 779), Religious

    Daughter of Saint Richard the King. Sister of Saint Willibald and Saint Winebald. Student of Saint Tatta at Wimborne monastery, Dorset, England, where she later became a nun. Beginning in 748, she evangelized and healed pagans in what is now Germany with Saint Lioba, Saint Bonifac
  11. Saint Tarasius (c. 730-806), Bishop

    Saint Tarasius was subject of the Byzantine Empire. He was raised to the highest honors in the Empire as Consul, and later became first secretary to the Emperor Constantine and his mother, Irene. When being elected Patriarch of Constantinople, he consented to accept the dignity o
  12. The Transfiguration of The Lord

    —Upper half of "The Transfiguration", the last painting by Raphael (1483-1520). Jesus took Peter, James, and his brother, John, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. And he was transfigured before them; his face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light. An
  13. We must continue to help Ukraine! 🇺🇦

    Today marks two years since Russia invaded Ukraine. US support has been essential in helping Ukrainian forces push back the invading forces. But the pause in our funding threatens further progress in this. Help them continue to do more than tow damaged Russian tanks with farm tra
  14. Blessed Josef Mayr-Nusser (1910 - 1945), Martyr

    Also known as Pepi (nickname). Raised in a pious, rural Italian farm family; his brother Jakob became a priest. Devotee of Blessed Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam and Saint Vincent de Paul. To follow their example, he joined the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in 1932, and by 1937 was the
  15. Blessed Tommaso Maria Fusco (1831 - 1891), Priest

    Son of Dr Antonio Fusco, a pharmacist, and Stella Giordano, an Italian noble; seventh of eight children in a pious family. His mother died of cholera in 1837 when Tommaso was six, his father in 1841 when the boy was ten, and he was educated by his fraternal uncle Giuseppe, a prie
  16. The Alabama SC ruling on IVF embryos is insane

    This Alabama SC ruling is knucking futz! It threatens reproductive rights and privacy not to mention the separation of church & state and points to a theocracy: just where the “Christian” nationalists want to take us. No real understanding of God or science.😡
  17. From Mike Johnson’s Seminar Promoting the US as a “Christian Nation”

    Sporker Johnson: “I try to do every day what my constituents want. But sometimes what your constituents want does not line up with the principles God gave us for government.” Be afraid for the survival of the wall between church & state. Be very afraid.😡
  18. Saint Polycarp (69 - 155), Bishop, Martyr

    He was a disciple of the Apostles, bishop of Smyrna, and a friend of St Ignatius of Antioch. He went to Rome to confer with Pope Anicetus about the celebration of Easter. He was martyred at Smyrna in about 155 by being burnt to death in the stadium. According to the Martyrdom of
  19. Lawrence on what they don’t tell you about the Dump Biden ‘fantasy’

    “The Presidency is about making decisions, not making speeches…if the camera is rolling then nothing important is happening…the governing will not be televised…” From YouTube…
  20. The Feast of Saint Peter's Chair

    — "The Throne of Saint Peter" (1647-53) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), in Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome. Photograph by "Dnalor 01". This feast has been celebrated in Rome since at least the fourth century. It signifies the unity of the Church founded upon the Apostles. --from

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