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  1. That Ruskie Rimming sack of shit owes so much of his current fortune to Russia. Plain and simple. He'd be barely be a millionaire without their assistance. And ever member of the RepugnantCon party who has stayed at one of his rat infested properties has clearly been blackmailed
  2. Donald Trump loves to call Chris Christie a “fat pig.” He calls just about everyone he doesn’t like “not smart”, “stupid” or “dumb.” He says Joe Biden “hates God.” He calls women ugly, uses physical appearance to mock and insult, calls the news “fake” and “phony”, calls our military
  3. The Animals 1964 single ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ was the first Number 1 to have a playing time of more than four minutes. #Music
  4. Yep...!!!
  5. I went over to Twitter to check on a couple international friends, then started scrubbing my account to delete it. I removed my dog’s pic and uploaded this ⬇️ Instantly my account is locked and I have to verify. 🤣 so Twitter COULD STOP hate speech instantly if they wanted to.

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