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Looking for a new social media space, enjoy learning and communicating with others. Doing my part to save democracy.

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  1. Supreme hate... #SupremeCourtDecision #SupremeCourt #AffirmativeAction
  2. #GunRegulationNow
  3. what kind of shithole country allows a confessed insurrectionist and classified document thief to jet around the country and whip his dimwit worshipers into a violent frenzy. lock. him. the. fuck. up
  4. Happy International Women's Day to every single woman 👠💜☮️🕉️
  5. John Fetterman is recovering from clinical depression and a stroke. Don Jr. will never recover from being an asshole
  6. It's going to be fascinating to watch Trump go to what with the Republican party - he has the foot soldiers and the will to burn everything down rather than admit defeat.
  7. Exactly. The Dilbert dude should have been "cancelled" when he said his misogynist rant in 2011. But finally 12 yrs later good ol' boy Elon comes to his rescue... #b irdsofafeather #l ikemindedracists
  8. I tweeted about Woody Harrelson using his SNL monologue to push his hostility to Covid vaccines (draped in a “joke”). All the anti-vax crowd showed up to push their misinformation. Sigh.
  9. Thank you #M icrosoft and #G oogle
  10. The way I love Pete Souza…
  11. I hope I have the same bravery and guts at age 80 as President Biden has in going to a war zone at the same age. #kiev #ukraine #russia #war
  12. By: David Bauder, The Associated Press A court filing in a lawsuit against Fox News lays bare a panic at the network that it had alienated its viewers and damaged its brand by not lining up with President Donald Trump's false claims that he had won the 2020 presidential election. T
  13. Not the best & brightest of the human species....
  14. All our governments need to get much more serious about the far right threat.
  15. #goodnews
  16. #RepRaskin #Hero
  17. #Cats #Caturday #cuddles
  18. #massshooting #MontereyPark

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