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Rescue dog advocate, member of Team Pete

Providence RI

Greetings from Providence! I got started on social media late in life, when I got involved in the election of 2020, and am grateful for the friends made there. I’m most happy when helping a rescue dog find a forever family!

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  1. Watching the Harry & Meghan documentary and wondering if they have a volunteer community in England that tries to protect the royal family from the paparazzi. If not, why not? I think I would enjoy ma
  2. “It’s madness to resist what’s happening.” -Eckhart Tolle
  3. Stolen from the inter webs. I’ve been critical of Trump these last several years, and am still exhausted from the experience. But to be fair, Trump wasn’t that bad, other than when he… 1. incited an ins
  4. I'm gonna say it again: please stop screenshotting far right figures on Twitter and posting them here, unless you have a real strategy for change attached to the post. I did not need to see Kyle Ritten
  5. I’ve been looking for Ukraine news on Post, so here’s something for anyone else who is doing the same.

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