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Founder and Managing Director of Repower Holdings

Before starting Repower Holdings, Chad spent the previous 5 years as a Founder and Managing Director of Grid Economics, providing energy-related management consulting to the executive team of a global Commercial Real Estate investment firm. This engagement included helping the CRE firm to close a major Joint Venture investment with Shell New Energies and assisting that JV with developing their market strategies, analytical systems, and asset management processes. As well, Chad supported that CRE firm with the formation of an additional subsidiary to provide energy retrofit and management services to their own multi-family assets; this involved engagement with utility representatives and State energy departments. Chad also Co-Founded Smart Power Maps, a geospatial cash flow modeling SAAS company and a DOE Sunshot Grant Recipient. He then supported the roll-up of Smart Power Maps into 7x Energy, a power project development team that went on to sell 9GW of solar development projects to BP in the summer of 2021.  Previously, Chad was Chairman of the ERCOT Emerging Technologies Working Group from 2013-2016. In this capacity, he authored several ERCOT Nodal Protocol Revision Requests, which he helped to marshal through to passage by the ERCOT Board of Directors. Chad served as the President of the Energy Resources Group at the University of Texas while he was a graduate student in the Energy & Earth Resources masters program. Chad is an Air Force Honors Graduate and Distinguished Graduate, and he is a Summa Cum Laude alumnus of Saint Edward’s University.

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