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Religion Reporter, Journalism Prof, Outdoor Geek

pullman, wa

I'm the ED of and a prof at WSU's Murrow College. I specialize in religion reporting, and when I'm not working am probably on a hike or out on my road bike.

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  1. Haven't posted in awhile, but SCOTUS is on my mind. My columnist Becky Tallent, a retired professor, thinks their recent decision to reject student loan forgiveness will only make the teacher shortage worse. Do you agree? Here's her full post: #scotus #highered
  2. Progress for our quarter!

    The first Black woman to be ordained in the Episcopal Church, who was also a trailblazing lawyer, civil rights activist, a writer, and gender non-conforming will be honored on the U.S. quarter next year. Here's the full story . #Gender #nonbinary #money #episcopal #blackhistorymonth
  3. Religion & Fear

    Working on a column. Can you think of examples of when Scripture was used as a way to instill fear in you to keep you in line? Perhaps as a child?
  4. Reader Emails.

    Journalist friends, what weird emails do you get from readers? I'm a religion reporter so get some good ones. Today, for example, I got one from someone in California just wanting to remind of Adam and
  5. Series on Judaism

    Love this series my Jewish writer started: Judaism for non-Jews. Some takeaways from part one : Chanukah is not Jewish Christmas Christian holidays are not Jewish And from part two : There's a wide variety
  6. "Be Kinder Than Necessary"

    Last night I finished " Wonder ." It didn't take long to read. It's the story of a kid with severe facial deformities and his journey into public grade school. You've probably heard of it by now because
  7. Post News App? Dumb question, but does Post.News have an app? This is what I'm seeing in the iPhone app store.
  8. New to Post.

    OK. So now I'm on all the social medias - Twitter, Mastodon, Post, etc. Learning how they're different and interested to see which ones stay/take off/fail. Post is a microblogging platform, very diffe

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