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Mike Freiberg


Minnesota State Representative, District 43B

“A key player in the clock debate,” according to Minnesota Reformer. Prep'd & Paid by Friends of Freiberg Cmte

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  1. Seeking Minnesota Flag and Seal Designs!

    The State Emblems Redesign Commission is now accepting design ideas from the public for the state flag and the state seal. You can submit your ideas at the following link: To maximize your chances of the design being considered, you’ll want to get it in in the next week or two. #N
  2. I question my life choices going to Costco today
  3. Joe met Santa Considine at Rep. Xiong’s holiday party!
  4. An Essay on the Merits of Zambonis

    I’m starting to feel promiscuous when it comes to social media, but I’m not actually sure yet that I actually like any of the alternatives to … that other site. I see I can title my posts on this one.

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