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Into movies, dreams, time machines, cooking & eating. I work in higher ed and feel pretty good about it because I’ve also worked outside of higher ed

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  1. Coppola seeking to prove he can still make the biggest mess (whether or not this mess will result in a great film, or any finished film at all, remains to be seen) #movies #coppola #hollywood
  2. Lately I’ve been working on my grasp of 1930s slang, see.
  3. Before Dawn

    (USA; Irving Pichel, 1933) Remarkable thriller starring Dorothy Wilson as a psychic enlisted to uncover the truth about a woman’s mysterious death at a spooky mansion, and Warner Oland as a psychologis
  4. For my first post post, a line from The Thin Man (W.S. Van Dyke, 1934) that made me laugh and hungry

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