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This is a bio. It's brilliant and witty. Views are def those of my cat, def not those of my employer

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  1. My favorite shows of 2022 were House of Dragon Andor Slow Horses The Old Man Under the Banner of Heaven What were yours? Welcome good recommendations!
  2. Trump has been failing - lost re-election, disastrous role in the midterms- and yet, somehow the worst elements of his personality, from name calling to autocratic decisions, became a role model for t
  3. More reporters should post here
  4. Banning accounts that simply ask you questions is downright bizarre. And making everyone subject to your whims is dictatorial. No one needs more of that.
  5. Love this!
  6. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Post page. Glad to be here.
  7. Worried I'm getting too attached to the ability to italicize/bold.
  8. Really happy there’s an alternative to twitter. And glad to be here.

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