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California Sierra Nevada foothills.

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  1. Justice Thomas' legacy is a pubic hair on a can of coke.
  2. OK, Post, I don't want notifications, and I don't like having the unrequested pop-up with the only choices being OK, or Later. I don't want either of those options, and there is no other choice. Fix that please. Small point, I know.
  3. A trifecta of pols in DC Used classified docs for, eg: A clean derrière Or a nose, to be fair Using secret, illegal TP
  4. Lie and Deny

    Integrity’s long in the tooth For Santos, uncool and uncouth, Like the falsies that sag When a liar in drag Denies the existence of truth
  5. Greta Thunberg, with a tweet Knocked the boxer off his feet A lesson learned from every bout: To f**k around, means finding out
  6. Our Legacy

    You don’t need a seer or sleuth Just look through the eyes of our youth As George Santos with relish Attempts to “embellish” Dignity, honor, and truth
  7. "Can dogs smell time?" Fascinating! "So instead of simply seeing time pass on a clock or feeling it pass in her body, Donut literally smelled time pass."
  8. November elections

    The wrinkled, Caucasian cabal In Congress have given their all Their Faustian bargain Was buried in jargon But karma won out in the Fall
  9. Civility

    To slander strangers by their handle Could truly never hold a candle To seeking out their true intent Mangled here by accident Or deficient art. But when you're raked across the coals By strident fools or c
  10. The flipping bird

    The blue birds of happiness flitter For something smells musky and bitter The things that they read Would make your eyes bleed As if scrawled on the walls of a shitter
  11. Great counter-cultural cartoonist!
  12. rainy, cold Sunday

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