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  1. Sooooo, everyone from the mass exodus, even if you do go back to that hellscape, can you pretty please continue to Post here as well 🙏 Not being able to lurk from the background hurts a little #Twitter #Post Especially any Australian journos!!
  2. I have to say, fixing Twitter by encouraging its users to spend less time there is a bold strategy by Elon. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. The biggest challenge facing our country today is the hardened opposition by large elements of the GOP to free and fair elections. I know how we fight against it but I don't know how we resolve it.
  4. “There are no atheists in foxholes. There are no libertarians in a bank run.” — My favorite quote from Friday.
  5. Gun safety for me but not for thee
  6. House Republicans strained efforts to prove there is a “there” there are backfiring spectacularly raising serious questions about the basic competence of Jordan/Comer. Simply put, they’ve overplayed their hand. I write for the LA Times.
  7. ICYMI, our Post exclusive weekly news round up. Come for the 5Ws, stay for the bonus WTF.
  8. @mchalfant has One Good Text in Semafor Principals with former Obama communications adviser Dan Pfeiffer on how the White House is handling Biden's classified document discl
  9. Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump is threatening to sue Gov. Ron DeSantis over his administration's decision to reject an AP African American course from being offered to high schoolers. The move co
  10. By: Trey Williams Something is typically considered to be a cliché only after being a long established, entrenched truism. Like if you're at the office Keurig machine and say to a coworker, "Man, traff
  11. VA Senate Democrats Stop Republicans’ Efforts to Remove Virginia From RGGI ("The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is a critical program for Virginia that combats the negative effects of climate chan
  12. Hi Posters, We are approaching a very exciting milestone - expanding the beta with the removal of the waitlist - and I wanted to share what that means for the community. Once the waitlist is gone, anyo
  13. Trump expressed frustration that evangelical leaders are "disloyal," an ironic complaint coming from him. But his real issue is that Republicans broadly aren't immediately celebrating his nomination.
  14. On the real, not the “feel good” Dr King…

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