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I am a voracious reader of mostly SF and fantasy, and blog about my favorite books/streaming shows/comics. I also have definite political opinions and occasionally bloviate about those as well. Generally I do not welcome Trump followers as in my experience they cannot remain civil for long--but hey, if you think you can, surprise me. That's what the block button is for, after all.

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  1. how fucking great is it to have a president who can laugh at himself and isn't motivated by spite and revenge
  2. My team is litigating 45 voting/election cases in 18 states. Alabama Arizona Arkansas Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Iowa Kansas Louisiana Montana New Hampshire New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Wisconsin Watching for new cases in Florida Texas
  3. "Republicans have claimed that lax ID requirements — such as allowing college identification or mail voting where no ID is required — open the door for voter fraud. But they have produced no evidence of widespread fraud — and experts say that’s because it doesn’t happen."
  4. Jeezus. This sounds like a mess.
  5. This place seems an awful lot like Facebook.
  6. Remember how Eleanor ended up though......

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